Russia will accelerate the production of the new Su-57 felon fighter as the new factory nears completion.

The construction of a new plant in Russia with the exclusive purpose of producing the Su-57 Felon fighter is seen as a move toward accelerating this fighter’s production. Russia is constructing a new factory to produce Su-57 Felon aircraft in large quantities. The Far Eastern Aviation Manufacturing Plant (KnAAZ) in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, according to the statement, … Read more

Russia displays the Su-57’s combat prowess in Ukraine

When taking part in Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine, the Su-57 fifth generation fighter has shown to be extremely effective, according to senior Russian authorities. Russian Su-57 planes put on an excellent display in Moscow’s special military operation in Ukraine, according to Sergey Shoigu, the country’s defense minister. “The Su-57 fighter is what we’ve been … Read more

Russia used Su-57 fighter aircraft to “strike Ukraine’s air defence network.”

To assault Ukrainian air defence systems, a fleet of four Su-57 stealth jets flew in a synchronised formation. “A fleet of four Su-57 stealth warplanes has been deployed by the Russian Air Force to locate and strike Ukraine’s air defence network. These fighters constitute a single information network that can communicate and broadcast target specifications … Read more