The deadly Switchblade 600 suicide drone is set to be sent to Ukraine by the US.

The Switchblade 600 suicide drone is equipped with the same warhead as the Javelin anti-tank guided missile. The Switchblade 600, developed for armoured targets, can fly up to 40 kilometres and stay in the air for up to 20 minutes. After the contract is completed, the actual handover timing of the Switchblade 600 UAV will … Read more

Russia is terrified about Ukrainian anti-ship missiles.

Following Kiev’s deployment of contemporary Harpoon anti-ship missiles, the Russian Navy has reduced the number of cruise missile ships in the Black Sea Fleet. According to the Ukrainian army’s Southern Operations Command, the Russian Navy has reorganised the Black Sea Fleet’s payroll. As a result, while patrols to block the Black Sea continue, this Fleet’s … Read more

Features of the Switchblade ‘killer UAV’ provided by the US to Ukraine

The Switchblade UAV is known as the “suicide killer” because it is only used once but can cause significant damage to infantry or armoured vehicles. On March 30, US officials confirmed that the US had included 100 Switchblade killer drones in a massive arms aid package to Ukraine approved by President Joe Biden earlier this … Read more