BREAKING: Iran Endangers Israeli Fighter Jets in Latest Provocation!

Iran has announced its willingness to offer state-of-the-art defensive weaponry to Syria with the aim of bolstering the country’s security measures. Iran has developed advanced air defense systems, such as the Khordad-15, which can detect and shoot down multiple targets simultaneously. Equipped with anti-aircraft missiles and the long-range Sayyad-3 missile series, the system is capable … Read more

Sky Showdown: Russian Pilots Play Dangerous Game of Cat and Mouse with US Jets over Syria

According to a statement by Joe Buccino, the spokesman for US Central Command, Russian pilots intentionally provoked confrontations with American jets in Syrian airspace. Buccino’s statement implies that the Russian pilots engaged in aggressive behavior to provoke the US jets. This incident highlights the continuing tensions between the two nations in the region, which have been strained for years due to their differing interests and involvement in the Syrian conflict.

US military installation in Syria is attacked with missiles

In northeastern Syria, a US patrol base came under missile attack. On November 25, a missile attack targeted a US military patrol base in the al-Shaddadi region of northeastern Syria. The incident was confirmed by US defence officials in the Middle East, who also stated that at least two missiles were fired at the base. … Read more

US troops in Syria are alleged to be at risk from Turkey.

When Turkey deploys drones to attack a military base in Syria, the US military thinks that its soldiers are in danger. According to US Central Command (CENTCOM), Turkey attacked a base in the vicinity of the northeastern Syrian city of Al-Hasakah on November 22. The base was home to US forces and members of the … Read more

Turkish forces launch attacks on Kurdish strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

Kurdish bases in northern Syria and northern Iraq, which are allegedly being used to launch attacks against Turkey, were the target of airstrikes on November 20, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry. The PKK and the YPG, which Turkey views as a splinter group of the PKK, were the targets of the airstrike, according to … Read more

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