Hundreds of Russian T-90M tanks have been dispatched to the front lines in eastern Ukraine.

According to Russian reports, 200 modernised T-90M tanks have been dispatched to the Luhansk front. According to NTV Russian News Channel Television, the tanks were sent directly from Russia’s largest tank builder, UralVagonZavod. Several tank transfers have been made to the Russian military services in recent weeks. Along with the T-90M, older models of the … Read more

According to the UK, Ukraine may have taken 440 Russian tanks.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, Ukraine may have acquired hundreds of tanks and armoured vehicles from Russia since the start of the conflict and is currently using them. “Ukraine is estimated to have gotten at least 440 tanks and 650 armoured vehicles from Russia since Moscow commenced its military action in late February,” … Read more

At Kherson, Russia’s T-90M advanced tanks will battle Ukraine’s Leopard 2A4

On the Kherson battlefield, the modern T-90M tank of Russia and the Leopard 2A4 of Ukraine are likely to engage in combat. The idea of the Russian-made main battle tank (MBT) T-90M confronting the Ukrainian Army’s Leopard 2A4 for the first time has piqued the international media’s curiosity. Images of a convoy of Leopard 2A4 … Read more

Will the new Israeli “merkava Mk5” tank be “invincible” to UAVs and anti-tank missiles?

According to the Israeli Defense Ministry, production of the newest Merkava tank, labelled “the best in the world,” has begun in Israel. The new Merkava 5 will be used by the army starting in 2023. Many contemporary systems are fitted into the Merkava Mk5 to deal with anti-tank weapons and unmanned aerial aircraft (UAVs). Israeli … Read more

Russia’s T-90M tank might have been destroyed in Ukraine.

Photos from the site indicate that the T-90M Proryv-3, Russia’s most advanced main combat tank, was completely destroyed in Kharkov region. The T-90M Proryv-3, Russia’s most advanced main combat tank, was entirely destroyed in Kharkov province, according to photos from the site.llia Ponomarenko, a war correspondent for the Kyiv Independent, posted an image on Twitter … Read more

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