Taiwanese drone Albatross II has a 250 km range and can fire hypersonic Sky Word II missiles.

The Taiwanese army made the decision to equip itself not just with Flyingfish bomber armaments from JC Tech but also with homegrown Bayraktar substitutes. An improved version of the Albatross strike drone is being developed by Geosat Aerospace & Technology. What We Know, So Far The Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone’s Taiwanese counterpart is called the … Read more

The four scenarios for how China might invade Taiwan range from a drawn-out siege to a 48-hour blitz that would be “so rapid the West has little time to react.”

The invasion would be finished in two days, which is how long it estimates it would take the West to respond, in the most ominous scenario. This would involve a massive land, sea, and air attack. Fears of an invasion have increased since China ringed Taiwan with vast amounts of military hardware while engaging in … Read more

Is China’s J-20 fighter an opponent to the F-35 produced in the US?

As the world’s third fifth-generation fighter to enter service, the J-20 Mighty Dragon is the best stealth fighter of the Chinese Air Force (PLAAF). Even though most of its capabilities are “inspired” by the adversary, this fighter, which is regarded as a counterweight to the F-35, is nonetheless a highly powerful fighter. Beijing sent out … Read more

The United States is preparing to send warships and aircraft into the Taiwan Strait.

The White House stated that it would send forces across the Taiwan Strait “in the coming weeks” and expressed its desire to avoid a crisis. In accordance with US policy of preserving international law and freedom of the seas, we will undertake air and marine navigation over the Taiwan Strait in the coming weeks. John … Read more

If Pelosi visits Taiwan, China declares that the military “will not sit quietly by.”

If House Speaker Pelosi travelled to Taiwan, the US would face dire repercussions, the Foreign Ministry of China said. “If Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, visits Taiwan, the Chinese military won’t stand by and do nothing. She holds the third-ranking position in the US government, and a trip to Taiwan will … Read more