Turkish Baykar Plans to Create a Supersonic Version of the Unmanned Fighter Jet Kizilelma

According to the chief technical officer (CTO) of the company, Turkish drone tycoon Baykar intends to produce a supersonic version of its unmanned fighter plane, the Bayraktar Kizilelma. During a broadcast, Selçuk Bayraktar discussed the characteristics of the kizilelma, Turkey’s first domestically created and manufactured unmanned combat aircraft. In addition to having a much longer … Read more

As the US prepares to ease its ban on the sale of F-16 fighters to Turkey, the Su-35 is no longer competitive.

The possibility of Turkey purchasing a Su-35 from Russia is said to be over now that Turkey will soon own the most modern variant of the US F-16 fighter. Due to limitations in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that have been lifted by the US government, Turkey has a very high chance of purchasing … Read more

The Lancet and TB2 UAVs’ combat prowess in the Ukraine conflict

Russia is said to have taken effective countermeasures against Bayraktar TB2, while Ukraine has not yet discovered a way to neutralize the threat posed by the Lancet-3. When it obliterates a sizable number of Ukrainian vehicles on the battlefield, the Russian Lancet suicide drone (UAV) is said to be very effective. The Lancet is a … Read more

Ukraine has received TRLG-230 precision-guided missiles from Turkey, which are superior to the Himars.

In comparison to Kiev’s available missiles for its HIMARS and MLRS launchers, the TRLG-230 will give Ukrainian forces a better ability for precision strikes. The multiple rocket launcher (MBRL) system, made by the Turkish company Rokestan, is reportedly in use by the Ukrainian military. Laser-guided 230mm TRLG-230 missiles are mounted on the system. The 227mm … Read more

All Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 UAVs were destroyed; new deliveries were not made?

Analysts are currently trying to determine why the Bayraktar TB2 UAV from Ukraine vanished on the battlefield lately. The recent mentions of the Bayraktar TB2 UAV’s victories on the Ukrainian battlefield have abruptly and entirely vanished from social networks and online media. Not only did the rumours about the appearance vanish, but so did the … Read more

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