Ukraine fires a commander of a military unit for disclosing the full extent of the damage

The commander of a combat unit was demoted and assigned to a training position after Ukraine accused him of exaggerating Kyiv’s damage in Bakhmut. Anatolii “Kupol” Kozel, battalion commander of the 46th Air Assault Brigade, has been dismissed by the Ukrainian army and moved to the position of training officer, according to Valentyn Shevchenko, a … Read more

Ukraine enters the conflict with rocket weaponry that is more potent than HIMARS.

The recovered rocket rounds demonstrate that the Ukrainian army most likely used numerous Vilkha-M rocket launchers during the conflict. According to photographs of a rocket projectile shared on social media in early March, the Ukrainian army has introduced Vilkha-M multiple rocket launchers to the conflict. This is Ukraine’s homegrown rocket artillery, which is reportedly more … Read more

The rise of Ukraine’s “iron general” has turned into the Russian military’s worst nightmare.

The Ukrainian army is still in existence over a year after the war between Russia and Ukraine. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Military Forces, has received much credit for that achievement. He had pondered pursuing a career in comedy. In order to prepare for the battle he had anticipated several years prior, Zaluzhnyi has … Read more

Russia equips the T-90M tank with 3BM-60 Svinets-2 piercing ammo to destroy the ABRAMS.

Following some testing, the T-90M tank was finally equipped with the kinetic energy-piercing 3BM-60 Svinets-2 ammunition. The T-90M main battle tank, which has officially entered the new generation of kinetic energy-penetrating rounds known as 3BM-60 Svinets-2 with many amazing benefits, was just photographed on the Ukrainian battlefield and released in the Russian press. The most … Read more

Leader of Chechnya: Only Russia has the authority to alter borders.

The leader of the Republic of Chechnya (Russia) claimed that the West has been attempting to alter Russia’s borders for many years, but only Moscow has the authority to make such decisions. “Since the 1990s, the West has been making efforts to split Russia. Only Moscow has the authority to alter Russia’s boundaries “In a … Read more

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