Russia equips the T-90M tank with 3BM-60 Svinets-2 piercing ammo to destroy the ABRAMS.

Following some testing, the T-90M tank was finally equipped with the kinetic energy-piercing 3BM-60 Svinets-2 ammunition. The T-90M main battle tank, which has officially entered the new generation of kinetic energy-penetrating rounds known as 3BM-60 Svinets-2 with many amazing benefits, was just photographed on the Ukrainian battlefield and released in the Russian press. The most … Read more

Will Ukraine be able to defeat the Russian Su-35 with the French Mirage 2000?

Can French Mirage-2000 aircraft help the Ukrainian military defeat the Russian Air Force in the skies above Ukraine? According to British media, Ukraine is actively looking for Western combat planes. The Mirage 2000C versions, which the French Air Force will formally stop employing in June 2022, are most likely to be sent to Ukraine if … Read more

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