Russia suddenly mentioned the ‘doomsday tank’ in the middle of a hot situation

Russia’s Object 279 doomsday tank was built to be ready for a nuclear conflict, currently, the only prototype has returned from the museum. Russian media has recently made headlines when it comes to the “doomsday tank” – Object 279 with high frequency. Western military officials said that the special tank has just been removed from … Read more

Russia revealed a pair of weapons that ‘shot down 33% of Ukraine’s fighters’

The Russian military said that its two types of shoulder-fired air defense missiles Igla-S and Verba have shot down 33% of the total number of fighters that Ukraine has lost since the beginning of the special military operation. out so far. The Ukrainian side has not commented on this information. The commander of the Russian Army, … Read more

VIDEO: Ukraine’s commander pilots a Russian T-90 main combat tank

A commander of a Ukrainian motorised infantry brigade is seen in a video provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense operating a Russian T-90A main battle tank. On October 4, a video of Ukrainian personnel operating a Russian T-90A main battle tank that Ukrainian forces had captured was shared on the Twitter account of the … Read more

NATO is afraid of damaging its reputation if it leaves Leopard 2 or Abrams tanks in Ukraine’s hands

Leopard 2 or Abrams tanks, according to the assessment, cannot withstand Russian missiles, if they are destroyed in Ukraine, it will cause NATO great damage to its reputation. According to the American magazine Military Watch, it seems increasingly unlikely that NATO will provide the Leopard 2 or Abrams tanks with the highest combat performance to … Read more

Russia feels ‘missing’ the MiG-25BM when it lacks means of suppressing ground air defense?

Russian military officials may be remembering the MiG-25BM fighter when they no longer have a dedicated fighter jet for the task of suppressing enemy air defenses (SEAD). After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia had limited investment and insufficient means of suppressing the enemy’s air defense system (SEAD) when it lacked a specialized vehicle … Read more