Russia’s missile raid campaign: Too dangerous a blow for Ukraine

Not only attacking energy infrastructure, but Russia also attacked the railway system, and fuel depots, making Ukraine unable to supply the southern and eastern front lines. Starting in mid-October, Russia regularly launched massive attacks with cruise missiles every day throughout Ukraine. In the past two weeks, Russian firepower has severely damaged the infrastructure of Ukraine, especially … Read more

Russian colonel highly appreciates Iskander-M missile power

Russian Colonel Sergei Khatylev gave high praise about the effectiveness of the Iskander-M missile. The legendary Iskander-M missile complex will become even more powerful through the modernization process. The potential of this weapon is forecasted to expand through the addition of new-generation ammunition. The Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile systems can serve the Russian Army for another … Read more

Russian Lastochka-M UAV will soon begin hunting for Ukrainian HIMARS complexes

Russia hopes its Lastochka-M UAVs will soon render Ukraine’s HIMARS systems ineffective. Lastochka-M attack drones began to be used by the Russian Army to hunt for HIMARS MLRS complexes of the Ukrainian armed forces. These “small pepper” sized UAVs are, according to the introduction, capable of conducting reconnaissance at long distances, and thanks to the … Read more

Why does Russia have to reuse the old S-60 anti-aircraft gun?

The classic S-60 57mm anti-aircraft gun had to replace the role of Russia’s 2S38 Derivatsiya-PVO multi-purpose anti-aircraft artillery complex on the Ukrainian battlefield. Military analysts said that the fact that the Russian Army had to reuse the old 57mm S-60 anti-aircraft artillery showed that Moscow was having difficulty in making the 2S38 Derivatsiya-PVO multi-purpose anti-aircraft … Read more

What if Ukraine has an Iron Dome missile defense system?

Ukraine wants Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, which if it happens will cause big trouble for Russia. Ukraine wants Israel to donate Iron Dome missile defense systems after it was reported that Iran would transfer more offensive weapons to Russia. Israel’s Foreign Minister Nachman Shai recently tweeted that the country should support and support … Read more

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