The M-777 artillery weapons in Ukraine are on the verge of “becoming extinct,” but why?

Many M-777 artillery pieces were provided to Ukraine by the United States and other western nations, but the majority of these cutting-edge artillery systems were either destroyed or taken by Russian Forces. In the past, the West had hopes that the battlefield in Ukraine would be the area where their given weaponry would “shine” and … Read more

5 weapons used in the Russia-Ukraine conflict that could shape future conflicts

It is possible to use the conflict in Ukraine as a starting point to predict which weapons will be frequently employed in future conflicts. While howitzers, drones, and anti-tank weapons outperformed expectations, some of the key weapons of the war—tanks, jets, and rocket artillery—did not exert their maximal efficacy on the battlefield and were even … Read more

Was it friendly fire that brought down Russia’s most advanced Su-34M bomber?

When the “Platypus” is doing poorly in the combat, the downing of the sophisticated Su-34M aircraft is regarded as a particularly unfavourable signal for this line of front-line bombers. A image of a Su-34 that fell in the Alchevsk region was published in the Russian and Ukrainian press on July 18. Most of the comments … Read more

Russia is preparing for the next round of its onslaught against Ukraine.

Following its announcement that its forces would step up military operations in all “Military operations” zones, Russia has begun planning for the next stage of its invasion in Ukraine, according to a Ukrainian military official. Vadym Skibitskyi, a spokesman for Ukraine’s intelligence service, said, “It’s not simply missile strikes from the air and at sea. … Read more

The M1A2 Abrams tanks from Lithuania begin to be stationed close to the Russian border.

After beginning to obstruct the supply line to the Russian province of Kaliningrad, Lithuania has stationed a battalion of M1A2 Abrams tanks close to its border. Vilnius has sent at least 15 US M1A2 Abrams tanks and an undetermined number of M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to the Russian border as part of a direct … Read more

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