As tensions rise, does NATO intend to significantly deploy troops near Russia’s border?

To stop Russia, NATO might deploy more personnel and resources to the eastern flank. The decision by NATO to deploy thousands of troops to Russia’s “doors” may be made in the near future. At the summit on June 30, we anticipate that NATO will debate and reevaluate its relationship with Moscow. According to our sources, … Read more

US to provide target intelligence for Ukraine to conduct long range missile attacks

Colin Cole, the US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs, stated that the US would supply Ukraine with intelligence on potential targets for long-range missile assaults. According to Cole, the US will assist Kiev with information on priority targets so that the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not spend high-precision guided munitions supplied by the … Read more

Ukraine to receive thousands of APKWS II smart rockets from the United States.

The US revealed an intention to donate several thousand APKWS II smart rockets to Ukraine shortly after the Lend-Lease Act was passed. The APKWS II Smart Rocket was designed to be launched from fixed-wing aircraft and combat helicopters, but Ukraine will most likely receive a ground-launched version. The US aims to send thousands of 70 … Read more

Russian claims to have identified four F-35A stealth fighters nearing Snake Island.

Four United States Air Force F-35A stealth aircraft flew a secret mission in the western Black Sea, near Ukraine’s Snake Island, which is currently under Russian control. A group of four US F-35A jets was believed to be on a secret mission near Snake Island in the western Black Sea,. In addition to the F-35A … Read more

Russia starts airstrikes on Ukraine’s key supply route for Western weapons.

Two persons were injured in a Russian air strike on transportation infrastructure, according to a regional governor in western Ukraine. Maksym Kozytskyy, the governor of the Lviv region, said two individuals were hurt in a recent Russian air strike. He did not specify the goal of the Russian forces’ attack near Lviv. Russia struck the … Read more

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