Russia begins drills with the Yars intercontinental ballistic missile.

On March 29, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Yars mobile nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile systems had commenced planned drills with the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia. A statement on Telegram from the Russian Defense Ministry read: “About 3,000 servicemen and about 300 pieces of equipment participated in the drills.” Intercontinental ballistic missiles can … Read more

Russia recovered the MQ-9 Reaper’s body as the American “Black Hawk” stood by helplessly.

The US immediately despatched UH-60M Black Hawk and P-8A Poseidon helicopters to the Black Sea after the MQ-9A Reaper went down, but they were unwilling to approach the accident site. A US MQ-9A Reaper reconnaissance-attack drone (UCAV) collided with a Russian Su-27 Flanker on March 14, and then crashed into the Black Sea. The US … Read more

Russian officials issue a grim warning to the US

Russia’s foreign ministry charged that the United States had encouraged Ukraine to target nuclear facilities, raising the possibility of outright conflict between the two superpowers. With the possibility of a direct military confrontation between the two nuclear powers, the United States is essentially waging an all-out hybrid war against Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned … Read more

The efficiency of the US bomb GLSDB, a weapon that can penetrate Russia’s red line

There are reports that the West will give Ukraine US GLSDB bombs. This is a potent weapon. Russia quickly cautioned the West against doing so. The Kremlin warned on January 19 that if the West gives Ukraine more weaponry that can strike targets in Russia, tensions would worsen. A day after it was claimed that … Read more

F-35 pilots will turn back when they encounter Su-35 jets, according to a NATO colonel.

Despite its stealth characteristics, the Russian-made Su-35 fighter is reported to be able to take on the US F-35 Lightning II. After spotting the Russian Su-35, the US F-35 stealth aircraft will reverse course. After speaking with NATO Colonel Konstantinos Zikidis, Indian military analyst Tanmai Kadam writes in his piece. A while back, media reports … Read more

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