Special Russian modifications have been made to the Shahed-136 suicide drone.

When implemented by Russia, the aforementioned upgrade will greatly increase the Shahed-136 suicide UAV’s accuracy and range. Shahed-136, an Iranian suicide drone that is used in military special operations under the codename Geran-2, has demonstrated its superiority in the task of destroying the infrastructure of Ukraine, especially given that the aforementioned attack drone is already … Read more

The Russian aircraft was shot down by the NASAM air defence system shortly after it entered the conflict.

American NASAMS air defence system has now recorded its first kill, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Despite having just arrived in Ukraine a week ago, the US-supplied NASAMS air defence system entered the conflict right away and is said to have shot down an enemy aircraft. The US has confirmed that the NASAMS … Read more

In exchange for UAVs, Russia gives Iran western weapons it has seized from the Ukraine.

In August, cash and anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles that had been delivered to Ukraine by the United States and the United Kingdom were secretly flown by Russian military planes to a Tehran airfield. Russia had handed Iran 140 million euros in cash along with certain samples of munitions confiscated from British and US supplies intended … Read more

How does Iran transport UAVs to Russia?

A report published recently by Sprotyv, a website affiliated with Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces, shows the route used by Iran to deliver UAVs to Russia. Ukraine accuses Iran of lying, warns of “consequences” In a Facebook post on November 5, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine warned Iran that the “consequences” … Read more

The most cutting-edge BPM-97 reconnaissance armour from Russia ended up in the hands of Ukraine?

A BPM-97 reconnaissance armoured vehicle, one of the newest Russian products, is alleged to have been taken by the Ukrainian military forces. The international media has released an image of the Russian BPM-97 reconnaissance armoured vehicle, which is currently being repainted before being used on the battlefield. The above information is noteworthy because this is … Read more

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