Will Turkey help Ukraine with its Altay super tank?

The Altay super tank is probably the next weapon that Turkey will give to Ukraine after the Bayraktar TB2 UAV and the Kirpi mine-resistant armour. To counter Russian forces, Ukraine has asked Turkey to send it new Altay tanks. The Otokar business created the third generation Altay main combat tank for the Turkish army and … Read more

Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, declares a military glorious victory in Kherson.

On September 4, President Zelensky declared that Ukraine had made military progress in the region of Kherson, which had been the focus of a recent significant counteroffensive by the Ukrainian army. Zelensky told military authorities that the Ukrainian flag was back where it belonged following the meeting, according to military cognizance. In our nation, occupation … Read more

Poland and Korea sign the largest arms deal in history.

Poland struck a contract with South Korea to purchase tanks and self-propelled weapons valued more than $5.7 billion. It is part of the two countries’ largest arms sale to date, which was inked last month. The total value of the agreement has not been disclosed by the parties, but the Korean media pegged it at … Read more

Massive explosions in Kiev, Ukraine urges people to evacuate immediately

A number of significant explosions were heard in the Kiev region early this morning amid worries that Russia may be preparing to intensify its current onslaught on the nation. The Vyshgorod neighbourhood, located north of Kiev’s capital, experienced numerous significant explosions about three in the morning this morning, according to a warning from the Ukrainian … Read more

revealing Ukraine’s new strategies

Special forces from Ukraine are infiltrating far behind Russia’s front lines with their limited arsenal in order to strike crucial logistical targets for Moscow. Oleksii Reznikov, the defense minister of Ukraine, claimed that Ukraine’s combat troops lacked the weapons and ammunition needed to conduct a significant ground attack to retake territory. He expects that his … Read more