Heartbreak in Ukraine: Families Await News of 7,000 Missing Soldiers

In April, an estimated 7,000 Ukrainian military personnel were reported missing, as per a Ukrainian authority. It is presumed that these individuals were either captured by the Russian side or lost their lives while engaged in duty during the conflict. According to Oleg, who was quoted by the Pravda news site, there exists a group … Read more

Zelensky was outraged by the US decision on Crimea.

The United States’ refusal to give the Armed Forces with equipment that would enable them to attack Crimea on a large scale has angered Ukraine. The US refused to send long-range weapons, which upset Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. President Biden and other senior US officials did not publicly pledge to assist Ukraine in capturing Crimea. … Read more

Ukraine is constantly being “dumped with cold water” about its ability to defeat Russia in a conflict

Although Kyiv is supplied with a large amount of modern weapons by the West, even top US generals and former senior aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky have doubts about Ukraine’s military fortunes. According to Aleksey Arestovich, a former senior adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, there is no guarantee that Kiev will be able … Read more

Mr. Zelensky: Russia has a sufficient number of large-scale combat missiles.

Russia, according to President Zelensky, has access to enough missiles to conduct a number of massive strikes against Ukraine, but it is unable to tip the scales of power. In reference to a Russian raid yesterday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared on December 16 that “they still have enough missiles for such large-scale attacks.” The … Read more

Amid the escalating war with Ukraine, Russia got new Su-30SM2 combat aircraft.

The Su-30SM2 is an improvement of the Su-30SM, and it is stated to have features that are nearly identical to those of a fighter from the fifth generation, including cutting-edge radar and communication equipment. On November 21, the Russian Defense Ministry received a shipment from the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Su-30M2 fighter aircraft and … Read more

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