The US said it does not prohibit Ukraine from shooting military aircraft in Russian airspace

US officials say that the country has never prohibited Ukraine from using military aid to shoot down military aircraft in Russian airspace if they threaten Ukraine.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said at a press conference on June 4 that Washington allows Kiev to use military aid to shoot military aircraft over Russian airspace if they pose a threat to Ukraine.

Late last month, the White House lifted the ban on Ukraine using some US weapons against the Russian border area bordering Kharkov and Sumy, after Moscow launched an attack on May 10 in Kharkov.

Responding to reporters, Mr. Kirby emphasized that “there have been misunderstandings” regarding the US allowing Ukraine to use weapons provided by Washington to attack targets in Russia.

Mr. Kirby emphasized that the US “has never had restrictions to prevent Ukraine from shooting down enemy aircraft, even if those aircraft are not necessarily in Ukrainian airspace.”

He asserted that Ukraine “can shoot down Russian aircraft that Kiev believes is about to pose a threat. And they did. They have done so since the beginning of the war.”

In addition, Mr. Kirby also refused to confirm information that Ukraine used US weapons for the first time to fire into Russian territory. He asserted that the US “does not have the ability to know exactly what targets Ukraine is shooting at every day”.

Meanwhile, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan commented that US President Joe Biden’s decision to allow Ukraine to attack Russian territory near Kharkov and Sumy provinces with aid weapons is “common sense”.

Mr. Sullivan said: “Russian forces are shooting at Ukraine from just across the border north of Kharkiv. Ukraine should have the right to respond, including with US-made weapons and the US allows Kiev to use weapons for this purpose.” there”.

Previously, Kyiv Post reported that Ukrainian forces took action less than 24 hours after receiving the “green light” from the US, UK, Germany, and France to attack targets inside Russia with aid weapons.

According to Ukrainian media, Kiev is said to have fired dozens of precision-guided long-range multiple rockets into Russian territory. Heavy artillery systems, troop concentrations, and at least one large bridge appear to be the targets of attacks carried out by Ukraine since the early morning of June 2.

Russia has repeatedly warned the US and NATO about the prospect of escalating tensions when the West allows Ukraine to use weapons to attack Russian territory.

President Joe Biden’s decision to allow Ukraine to use US weapons for counter-attack purposes inside Russia marked a significant shift, following warnings from Moscow that the move could cause global conflict.

Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, Vice Chairman of the Russian Security Council, called President Biden’s decision a “serious escalation of the conflict” and a sign that NATO has become directly involved in the conflict with Moscow. Russia also warned that it would destroy weapons that attack its territory. 

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