Ukraine admits Russia has found a way to overcome the “fire god” HIMARS

A senior Ukrainian official admitted that Russia has found a way to reduce the effectiveness of rockets on the Western HIMARS multiple-launch rocket system that aids Kiev.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov said that Russia has found a way to intercept Ukrainian GPS-guided shells, including those for US-made HIMARS multiple-launch rocket launchers.

According to Reznikov, when the HIMARS systems were first brought to Ukraine last year, they were very accurate.

However, he said, Russia, which has a strong electronic warfare system, has finally found a way to jam GPS-guided rockets and HIMARS shells.

“It’s like a cycle. This is a technology war. Russia finds a way to respond, we report back to our partners and partners find a new way to deal with Russian tactics,” he said. explain.

Minister Reznikov said that “for the world’s military industry, you cannot find a better testing ground” than Ukraine.

According to him, the West could deploy weapons to Ukraine to test whether they are really effective or need to be upgraded.

Ukraine has been supplied with dozens of High Mobility Artillery Missile Systems (HIMARS), with a range of 85km since last June. The West has described this system as a game-changer in the conflict.

In fact, Ukraine has helped Ukraine counterattack effectively in some areas. In May, CNN cited five sources from the US, UK, and Ukraine as saying that HIMARS had reduced its effectiveness against Russia’s countermeasures.

According to the source, Russian electronic jammers disrupted the HIMARS rocket’s GPS targeting system, causing them to miss their target.

Moscow has repeatedly warned that the transfer of more sophisticated weapons to Ukraine by the United States and its allies could cross a “red line” and lead to a large-scale escalation of hostilities.

According to the Russian side, Kiev’s supply of weapons, intelligence sharing and training has meant that Western nations are de facto participants in the conflict.

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