Ukraine may receive a new super missile from NATO with a range to reach Crimea

Ukraine is said to be in talks with NATO member Poland to acquire the Naval Strike missile – a long-range weapon that can hit Russian targets in the Crimean peninsula.

Polish media reported that the country is negotiating with the Ukrainian side regarding Warsaw’s possible delivery of the Naval Strike long-range coastal defense missile system to Kyiv.

Specifically, the source said that the negotiation process is at an advanced stage. Ukraine wants to receive Naval Strike missiles from the Polish arsenal. The missile delivery can use funds from the European Union, so Warsaw’s missile stockpile will be offset after the aid.

According to experts, Naval Strike is a defensive missile system, but it is a powerful weapon that can give Ukraine the ability to hit both sea and ground targets at a distance of 124 miles (approximately 200km).

That means that with this long-range missile, Ukraine can hit a coastal target in the Crimean peninsula – an area of ​​strategic importance in Russia’s special military operation.

In recent times, Russia has accused Ukraine of attacking military facilities in Crimea with suicide boats and UAVs. However, the Naval Strike missile is far more powerful than the above weapons.

Naval Strike, developed by Norwegian contractor Kongsberg, is made of a composite material with strong radar absorption capabilities, which helps to reduce the signal exposure and integrates very sophisticated equipment to improve the probability of hitting. target.

The missile uses a guidance system that combines an inertial steering system and digital map reference through the GPS global positioning system.

During the cruise phase, the missile flies to the sea at a very low altitude, in the final phase, the missile performs random maneuvers and can generate interference, making it difficult for the ship’s air defense systems to attack. block.

Missiles applying the principle of shoot-forget, even when firing at maximum range, are guided to the target by a passive infrared sensor capable of automatically detecting and identifying the target, selecting it from within. group of ships a certain target. 

If Ukraine deploys Naval Strike, it will have a strong defense against Russia’s surface fleet and threaten important Moscow targets within striking distance.

The Polish Army currently possesses two fully equipped Naval Strike systems. Each system is staffed with two combinations, each consisting of 3 launcher vehicles capable of carrying up to 4 missiles/vehicles and command and control vehicles.

In addition, the system also has command vehicles, a mobile communication center, circular sight radar for target detection and tracking, as well as other means of assurance.

Naval Strike can be considered a multi-role missile, but the cost is quite expensive, more than 2 million USD / fruit, 3-4 times more expensive than the Storm Shadow cruise missile that Britain provided to Ukraine before.

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