Ukraine’s Tank Trouble: The Challenger-2 Struggles on the Battlefield

The recently introduced British regulations have rendered the utilization of the Challenger-2 tank by the Ukrainian army unattainable or unfeasible.

On July 8, the UK introduced new requirements for the maintenance of Challenger-2 tanks, posing significant challenges for their utilization by the Ukrainian army.

Expressing frustration, the UK has complained about the lack of sufficient guarantees provided by the Ukrainian forces regarding the use of Challenger-2 tanks.

The British now demand that Ukraine commits to restricting the engagement of Challenger-2 tanks in risky activities. Moreover, these tanks must undergo specialized maintenance and transportation procedures, making them an unusual addition to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Furthermore, Western vehicles, including tanks, are generally not designed to operate effectively on the same terrain as Ukraine, even with air support. Notably, Western-made tanks are approximately 30% larger and heavier than their Soviet and Russian counterparts.

Our correspondent emphasized that even lighter armored vehicles from the Soviet era encountered difficulties traversing muddy terrain, resulting in limited maneuverability. Consequently, Western vehicles often have to rely on roads, making them vulnerable targets for warplanes, drones, artillery, attack helicopters, and infantry.

Consequently, deploying Western-made heavy tanks like the Challenger-2 not only lacks military effectiveness for Ukraine but also presents a considerable challenge for newly enlisted Ukrainian soldiers.

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