Ukrainian soldiers revealed the biggest weakness of the Abrams super tank

Ukrainian soldiers evaluate the Abrams as a good tank, but there are still weaknesses that put it at risk of being destroyed on the battlefield.

Since the outbreak of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, the US has provided 31 Abrams tanks to Kiev to deal with Moscow. Recently, Western media reported that Ukraine decided to withdraw undestroyed tanks from the front line because of concerns that Russia would continue to damage these weapons.

However, Ukraine’s elite 47th brigade denied the above information, emphasizing that this tank has proven effective on the front lines.

However, Ukrainian soldiers who directly fought told Army TV on May 6 about both the advantages and weaknesses of this weapon line.

“Its main advantages are accuracy, excellent stability and maneuverability, despite its heavy weight,” tank commander Dmytro of the 47th brigade said about the M1A1 SA Abrams tank.

According to Ukrainian soldiers, the biggest drawback of the Abrams is the lack of depleted uranium armor and explosive reactive armor on the turret.

“The first thing we asked our American partners to do was to provide us with explosive reactive armor, to protect not only the sides but also the turret to increase the survival rate of the crew,” he said.

“Explosive reactive armor is necessary. If an anti-tank missile like Russia’s Kornet is fired at, it will effectively stop this weapon,” he emphasized.

Despite being said to be one of the best armored tanks in the world, the Abrams appears to be vulnerable to a range of Russian weapons.  The New York Times  recently reported that drones worth $500 can easily destroy armored vehicles worth $10 million.

Recently released videos show that the total number of Abrams tanks destroyed in Ukraine has reached at least 7, while 3 others were significantly damaged, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the US vehicles donated. 

Abrams tanks are highly rated, but the version donated to Ukraine is not equipped with modern armor like the US military version, making them more vulnerable.

Ukrainian soldiers emphasized that Abrams tanks are capable of attacking both infantry and weapons.

Mr. Dmytro said Abrams can fight both day and night. Thermal imaging cameras are very good, allowing Ukrainian soldiers to fight effectively. However, he emphasized that Russia does not stand still and watch Ukraine fight with tanks, so Moscow regularly hunts for Ukraine’s Abrams day and night.  

He emphasized that the Abrams’ armor-piercing depleted uranium ammunition works very effectively and called on the US to deliver more ammunition to Kiev so that they can carry out more types of combat missions.

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