Ukrainian Soldiers Risk It All: Abandon Western Tanks to Brave Russian Minefields on Foot!

A recent report said that Ukraine was forced to change its counter-attack strategy after repeatedly encountering dense Russian minefields.

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In a strategic move driven by the harsh realities of combat, Ukrainian units have been compelled to relinquish their battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, originally supplied by Western nations, and instead advance cautiously on foot. The decision was made due to the treacherous minefields laid by Russian forces, which posed a significant threat to the armored vehicles.

General Valery Zaluzhny, the esteemed commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, highlighted the futility of relying solely on tanks when faced with the extensive minefields. “You can’t do anything with just one tank because the minefield is so deep, sooner or later it will stop and be destroyed by concentrated fire,” remarked General Zaluzhny in an interview with The Washington Post.

This development sheds light on the limitations of the armored vehicles provided by Western nations in response to Ukraine’s request for assistance. Although these vehicles boasted durability and often resulted in only minor injuries to the soldiers inside, they proved insufficient in breaching the formidable Russian defenses.

According to reliable sources, nearly one-third of the Bradley armored vehicles dispatched by the United States to Ukraine have been rendered inoperative. This unfortunate reality has prompted Ukrainian officials to call for more advanced assets, such as the US-manufactured F-16 fighters, to bolster their ground capabilities.

In addition to enhanced weaponry, Ukrainian authorities have appealed to the West for increased provisions of demining equipment. Kiev claims to have received less than 15% of the requested technical and demining equipment prior to the counteroffensive. While Ukraine currently employs the US-supplied M58 minesweeping system (MICLIC), General Zaluzhny stated that these resources are also being destroyed in the face of the relentless minefields.

The situation underscores the urgent need for continued international support to address the evolving challenges faced by Ukrainian forces on the frontlines, with a particular emphasis on advanced ground capabilities and effective demining equipment.

Ukrainian Forces Resort to Manual Mine Clearing as Russian Landmines Pose Persistent Threat

In an extraordinary display of courage and resourcefulness, Ukrainian forces have resorted to precarious measures to preserve their machinery, painstakingly clearing mines by hand. Small groups of soldiers crawl on the ground, bravely searching for mines, aiming to secure safe passage for their advancing troops and vehicles. This desperate tactic has become necessary as the Russian side continues to drop additional landmines from the air, complicating Ukraine’s arduous efforts to clear the terrain.

The Washington Post has reported that Ukraine’s preparations for a counter-offensive have inadvertently played into Russia’s hands, allowing them to bolster their defenses significantly. Russia, capitalizing on this window of opportunity, has densely littered minefields ranging from 3 to 10 miles wide in front of crucial strongholds. These heavily mined areas pose a grave challenge for Ukrainian soldiers, particularly along the southern front lines near Zaporizhzhia, where Russia anticipates a Ukrainian attack aimed at severing the land connection to the Crimean peninsula.

The minefields, among other formidable obstacles such as trenches, anti-tank traps, and barbed wire fences, have transformed Russia’s defenses into what retired US General Mark Kimmitt aptly describes as a “20-kilometer stretch of hell.” Breaking through these fortified barriers has proven to be an arduous task for Ukrainian forces, necessitating innovative and high-risk approaches to maneuver effectively.

While Ukraine has achieved some notable progress in their counter-offensive, Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky candidly acknowledged that the pace of advancement has fallen short of their desired objectives. This recognition underscores the complex and formidable nature of the conflict, as Ukraine faces persistent challenges in navigating and neutralizing the extensive minefields while striving to regain control of strategic territories.

The resolve and determination exhibited by Ukrainian soldiers in their manual mine-clearing efforts exemplify their unwavering commitment to overcoming the daunting obstacles before them. However, the ongoing danger posed by Russian landmines highlights the pressing need for continued international support, both in terms of advanced mine-clearing equipment and comprehensive strategies to effectively neutralize these insidious threats.

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