Ukrainian soldiers said the war in Kharkiv was more fierce than the Bakhmut

Ukrainian soldiers fighting to block Russia’s advance in Kharkov spoke about the current battlefield situation, emphasizing that it is much more fierce than the Battle of Bakhmut last year.

In the past few weeks, Russia has launched attacks from many directions, putting intense pressure on Kharkov at the border of the two countries.

Ukrainian soldiers operating howitzers in Kharkov had to fight non-stop day and night to stop Moscow’s advance.

Soldiers in the northern districts of the Kharkiv region say the fighting is much more intense than in Bakhmut, the city in Donbass that Russia took control of last year and was reduced to rubble after months of fighting.

Pavlo, a gunner in Ukraine’s 92nd Independent Assault Brigade operating an artillery piece, said: “The war in Kharkov takes place 24/7. Their infantry continuously attacks, they I keep resisting. At least we’re trying to do that whenever possible, we stop them.”

“Previously we were deployed in the Bakhmut area, now we have been transferred here. Here the situation is much hotter. There we have no artillery shells. Here, at least we have artillery shells when firepower batches are being delivered. We have to fight,” he said.

Ukrainian forces have been facing difficulties for months as the aid bill for Ukraine has been stuck in the US Congress for months. Russia has taken advantage of the opportunity, achieving continuous progress on the Donbass and Kharkov fronts in the past few months.

With the $61 billion US aid package being disbursed, Ukrainian gunners said their “thirst” for firepower was somewhat quenched.

Russia is still holding the initiative in Kharkov, capturing dozens of villages in recent weeks.

If Russia takes Vovchansk, it will put Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkov, in its sights next.

However, with artillery shells being transferred to the front lines, the morale of Ukrainian soldiers has become somewhat more optimistic.

Vitalii, an artillery unit commander, is confident that artillery shells will continue to be “pumped” to the front because everyone is aware of the importance of holding the line.

“Yes, we will be provided with ammunition because we are fighting a major opponent,” he said. “If we can prove now that we can stop their large-scale attack on the region Kharkov region in such a difficult situation, Russia will never think of attacking the Kiev, Chernihiv, Sumy, or Poltava regions.”

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