Unseen and Unstoppable: Russia’s ‘Joker’ Drones Vanish with ‘Hibernation’ Tech!

U.S.’ Teal 2 FPV drone

Russia’s Joker family of first-person view (FPV) drones has introduced an innovative hibernation device that enhances their attack capabilities. These drones can be strategically positioned for an attack and then enter a state of dormancy for several weeks, remaining undetectable and leaving no electronic footprint on airwaves.

The pre-positioning of these hibernating drones typically occurs on commanding heights, rooftops of buildings, or other elevated structures, providing a tactical advantage. When the moment to strike arrives, the drones do not need to cover the distance to the target since they are already in position. Reactivation takes just a few seconds, allowing for rapid deployment into attack mode, catching adversaries off guard.

Thanks to the hibernation device, the preparation time for drone attacks is significantly reduced, saving valuable flight time. With this technology, a single FPV pilot can pre-position up to fifteen dormant drones and activate them sequentially, leaving the opponent with little to no time to react with anti-drone systems. The Joker family’s new capability marks a significant advancement in unmanned solutions for military and strategic purposes.

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