War in Ukraine: Russia won 2 strategic high points at Avdiivka

The fighting in Ukraine at the hot spot Avdiivka is going on fiercely, Russian troops have won 2 strategic high points. Kiev forces used all their strength to counterattack.

Russia won two strategic high points at Avdiivka

Ukrainian media said that Kiev forces launched an all-out attack to regain the important Avdiivka slag dump area that they lost next to the coke plant.

However, from above, the Russian army had the advantage, of not only breaking the enemy’s assault positions but also gaining a fairly large forest belt south of the slag dump.

The il libanese channel quoted Ukrainian sources as saying that Ukrainian military analysts published a new map of the situation at the Avdiivka coke plant with Russia’s latest successes highlighted in red and grey, admitting that All of Avdiivka was under enemy fire control, Russian soldiers had entered the industrial zone.

“West of Avdiivka, Russian troops have gained a foothold in the forest belt along the railway line. Fighting continues,” the report said.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported last night on October 30 that the Russian army carried out a series of attacks in the Avdiivka and Tonenkoye areas as well as in Pervomaisky.

South of Avdiivka, Russia continues to attack in many directions: Fighting continues west of Krasnogorovka, controlling the Severnoye quarry, a strategic high point. The loss of this facility further aggravated the situation of Kiev forces in Avidiika, writes journalist Voyenkor Lisitsyn .

According to the Rybar channel, in the direction of Donetsk, fighting continues in the area of ​​the Avdiivka fortress. Ukraine tried to counterattack in the direction of the slag dump with a number of M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and a number of infantry platoons. The purpose of this somewhat reckless action is to plant a flag.

After losing at least one Bradley and one infantry platoon, the Ukrainian formation retreated.

At the same time, Kiev also strengthened reserve forces to hold Avdiivka, including German Leopard 2A6 tanks.

On the contrary, Russia is trying to expand the zone of control on the approaches to the coke plant. In the south, according to some reports, Russia took control of the quarry in the Severnoye settlement. This will significantly complicate the enemy’s defense in this area.

The war at Orekhov heated up again, Rabotino was the focus

According to the Rybar channel, in the Orekhov area, on the Kopani – Rabotino – Verbovoe line, after many unsuccessful attempts to penetrate the Russian defense, Ukrainian formations regrouped, sending more reinforcements to the front line.

The Ukrainian 33rd Mechanized Brigade was deployed east of Rabotino to attack northwest of Verbovoe. Fire support will be provided by the artillery of the self-propelled artillery battalion of the 118th mechanized brigade.

Similarly, forces of the 3rd brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine began to advance into the forest belt northeast of Novoprokopovka. The brigade’s formations had previously tried unsuccessfully to attack Kopani and were now sent to attack Novoprokovka.

At the same time, the 82nd assault brigade was being reequipped as a reserve force, and the Topaz tactical group, including the 78th independent assault brigade and the 80th assault brigade, was also preparing for combat.

Ukraine’s coordinated attack on Crimea

As expected, after the UAV attack on Crimea, on the night of October 29 and early morning of October 30, Ukraine launched a combined attack on the peninsula with missiles and unmanned boats.

First, at around 3:00 a.m., two ATACMS tactical missiles were launched in the vicinity of Olenevka on Cape Tarkhankut. Although it was not possible to shoot down ATACMS, thanks to previous countermeasures, Russia avoided serious damage.

Half an hour later, the Black Sea Fleet successfully stopped three Ukrainian unmanned vessels (BEK) near Sevastopol. At the same time, a rocket of an unknown type was recorded falling near Natashino. According to preliminary data, there has been no damage to infrastructure.

A few hours later, Ukraine launched eight Storm Shadow/SCALP cruise missiles toward Sevastopol from a Su-24M taking off from Starokonstantinov airport, and three Su-27s taking off from Mirgorod airport.

In addition to Storm Shadow/SCALP, two Neptune anti-ship missiles were also fired from the Odessa area. Target designation is provided by Ukrainian UAVs. All Ukrainian missiles and UAVs were shot down by S-400 and Pantsir-S1 air defense complexes over the coastal waters of the Black Sea, in the Sevastopol Bay and the Mekenzi Mountains. Some debris damaged private infrastructure.

Kiev allegedly tried to attack an ammunition depot, the base of the Black Sea Fleet, and a ship repair plant in the Inkerman area. It is noteworthy that the combination of weapons complicates air defense work.

Another notable piece of information is Ukraine’s use of Su-27 aircraft, which are also modernized to carry cruise missiles. This is because Kiev is so short of Su-24Ms, in the summer, there were only about 10-12 operational ones, and as of recently, maybe even fewer.

Russia announced it shot down a missile in Crimea, and Ukraine said it hit the target

Kyiv Independent reported that the Ukrainian army’s Strategic Communications Center said its forces attacked a strategic air defense facility on the west coast of Crimea on the night of October 29 and early morning of October 30. 

Earlier in the day, Russia’s Astra Telegram channel reported that a Ukrainian missile attack hit a Russian air defense force base near the village of Olenivka in western Crimea, reportedly killing 17 soldiers. Russia injured and damaged 5 military vehicles.

AFP reported that the Ukrainian Army said it had “successfully attacked”, causing damage to part of the Russian air defense system located in Crimea.

The Center for Strategic Communications did not provide any details on casualties and damage in the attack or the type of weapons used.

Later, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that its forces shot down eight Storm Shadow missiles believed to have been launched by Ukraine into Crimea.

In the same report, the Ukrainian military said that on October 25, they also conducted an attack near Luhansk and hit a Russian S-400 missile system.

These claims have not been independently verified.

Newsweek: Russia uses “human wave” tactics

A Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine detailed the reasoning behind his view that Moscow’s military used a tactic known as a “human wave attack,” Newsweek reported.

The term is jargon for infantry-led frontal attacks that attempt to overwhelm the opposing side by mobilizing large numbers of soldiers.

A Russian soldier who became a famous military blogger under the alias Vozhak Z posted on Telegram on October 29 that human wave attacks occurred recently when Russian ground forces were deployed. ordered to launch an attack “without artillery support, without suppressing enemy fire points”.

“Why did this happen? Largely due to a lack of suppression. Or the inability to properly manage them. When two regiments attack side by side, the point of intersection between them is practically not guaranteed. Everyone hopes for your unit. Or one unit has tanks and artillery, and the other does not. But there is an order to attack,” the above soldier wrote.

Vozhak Z said that at his location, believed to be in the hotly contested city of Avdiivka, Russian troops “could not achieve small arms firing distance”.

The Dutch Prime Minister said that the country’s F-16 will arrive in Romania within two weeks

Guardian reported that outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the first US-made F-16 fighter jet donated by the Netherlands to Ukraine will arrive at Romania’s training center within two weeks.

“I hope Patriot missiles will soon be delivered to support Kiev in the coming winter. And the same speed applies to the F-16,” Mr. Rutte said in a video conference with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

“The first units will be delivered to the training center in Romania within the next two weeks so we will be ready for the next round of training,” he said.

Denmark, Norway, and Belgium also announced they would provide F-16 aircraft to Ukraine.

Forbes: Russia destroyed 5 Leopard tanks

Forbes reported that Russia is said to have knocked out two more Ukrainian Leopard 2 tanks. So Kiev lost up to 5 aircraft within a week.

The losses all occurred in Zaporizhia, where Ukraine’s 3rd Mechanized Brigade, the sole operator of the first 40 69-ton Leopard 2A4s that Kiev received from its European allies this spring, recently took on the leading role, replacing the 47th Mechanized Brigade exhausted after 4 months of counterattack in southern Ukraine.

The sudden increase in the number of losses of Leopard 2 Ukraine is not a surprise. As the 33rd Brigade moved into daily frontal combat with Russian regiments along the axis between Verbove and Melitopol in Russian-controlled Zaporizhia, it was faced with numerous mines, artillery, and explosive-laden FPV UAVs.

The General Staff of Ukraine reported the difficult situation in the East and South

Ukrainska Pravda reported that the evening report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook said that in the past 24 hours, the operational situation in eastern and southern Ukraine remained difficult.

The Ukrainian General Staff said that 30 clashes took place. In total, Russia launched 7 missiles and 47 air strikes and carried out 43 attacks with multiple rocket launchers.

In the direction of Kupyansk, Russia unsuccessfully attacked the settlement of Sinkovka, Kharkov region. 

In the direction of Bakhmut , the enemy tried to recover lost points near Kleshcheevka but failed.

In the direction of Avdiivka, Russia failed in offensive operations on the settlements of Avdiivka, Tonenkoye, Pervomaiskoye, and Donetsk region, where Kiev forces repelled 5 attacks.

In the direction of Marinka, Russia, with the support of aircraft, conducted offensive operations in the Marinka and Novomikhailovka areas, Donetsk region, without success. Here, Kiev’s defenders repelled more than 10 attacks.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Defense Forces continued to conduct offensive operations in the direction of Melitopol and attacks in the direction of Bakhmut, causing damage to Russian forces in terms of manpower and equipment, and at the same time exhausting enemy troops on the ground. entire front line.

Russia strengthens its forces and increases operations in Bakhmut

Kyiv Independent reported that Russia has strengthened its forces in the Bakhmut area, shifting from defense to active action, General Oleksandr Syrskyi – Commander of the Ukrainian Army and commander of the Eastern Front, said on October 30. , the situation on the eastern front “remains difficult” as Russia is also increasing its activities in the Kupyansk region, where its troops are attacking in many directions.

The purpose of these efforts is to stop the advance of the Ukrainian army, he wrote on his Telegram channel, adding that “Russia is suffering heavy losses and has not achieved this goal.”

Previously on October 30, the Ukrainian General Staff reported that Russia had made unsuccessful efforts to regain lost land in Andriivka, a small village less than 10km south of Bakhmut.

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