Unusual Cargo: Russian Air Defense Systems Spotted on US Trains

Recently, photos of Russian-made anti-aircraft missile systems being transported on a freight train in Lima, Ohio, have raised concerns among experts and observers. These weapons systems are exclusively manufactured in Russia and have never been supplied to the US. The situation has led to questions about how and why these weapons systems are in the US. Experts believe the Pentagon may be studying the layout and capabilities of Russian air defense missiles to develop countermeasures strategies and introduce new technologies to deal with this potential threat.

A military helicopter from the United States crashes on a highway.

A US National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed on an Alabama roadway, killing everyone on board. According to Alabama State Law Enforcement, on the afternoon of February 15, a Tennessee National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed on Highway 53 at the boundary between the two states .The number of passengers on board and … Read more

Pentagon can send Stryker armoured vehicles to Ukraine.

According to our correspondent, the Pentagon is considering include Stryker armour in the upcoming military aid package for Ukraine. According to two unidentified US defence officials quoted by my correspondent on January 9, the Stryker infantry fighting vehicle could assist Ukraine in fending off the potential that Russia will launch a significant offensive in the … Read more

Why did the United States Navy destroy a super aircraft carrier?

At 11:30 a.m. The USS America, an aircraft carrier, was destroyed and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on May 14, 2005. This was a significant moment for the US military at the time. The crew of the USS America aircraft carrier claimed that the ship was intentionally scuttled during a test to … Read more

US military installation in Syria is attacked with missiles

In northeastern Syria, a US patrol base came under missile attack. On November 25, a missile attack targeted a US military patrol base in the al-Shaddadi region of northeastern Syria. The incident was confirmed by US defence officials in the Middle East, who also stated that at least two missiles were fired at the base. … Read more

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